Introductory Home Loans

Our introductory home loans for a short period of time to help you get a jump-start on your home-buying plans.
The rate of interest is often low
Rate may be either fixed or capped
Rates will return to standard rates after the initial period is over

What is an introductory loan?

To entice borrowers, some lenders will provide house loans with a relatively low interest rate for a limited time at the start of the loan term.
This rate, sometimes known as a honeymoon rate, usually lasts for around a year before rising and reverting to ordinary variable rates.

Pros and cons of an introductory home loan


Introductory home loans can have a number of benefits which may include:

  • Low-interest rates: Introductory home loans typically boast some of the most competitive interest rates on the market, which is why they’re heavily advertised and can be quite popular
  • Introduction to loan repayments: If you’re a first home buyer, making the switch from rental payments to mortgage repayments can be a massive jump. Having lower repayments in the first year can make this transition smoother.
  • Choice: Many lenders offer intro rates to entice customers, meaning you can easily shop around between each one to find a product that offers the right features and conditions for your circumstance.
  • More cash available: Buying a house involves a lot of upfront costs like stamp duty, home loan application fees, and legal fees just to name a few. Furthermore, if you’re moving into a new place you’ll no doubt want to spend some money to make the place your own. Lower repayments can free up cash to handle both these expenses.

Introductory home loans can also have a number of negatives which may include:

  • High ongoing rate: Introductory home loans can revert to substantially higher rates at the end of the intro period, possibly costing you far more over the life of your loan than a regular home loan with a lower ongoing rate might have.
  • Restricted features: Given their low rate, lenders might not have a range of features available on introductory home loans, meaning you might not be able to make extra repayments
  • Switch fees: When your intro period ends it’s possible to switch to a different product with the same lender which carries a rate lower than the introductory loan’s revert rate. However this doesn’t always come for free, switch fees can often be applied.


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