Consumer Protection

Because we are a mortgage broker, we must do what is best for our customers. Our commitment is to giving our customers all the info they need through education and the guidance that helps them through the mortgage maze.

We are committed to giving our clients the best mortgage advice for what they need; you can see that in our expanding panel of lenders and in our system that pays franchisees the exact panel approved rate of commission for mortgages they write, no matter what rate has been paid by the lender the new client chooses.

In an effort to provide total transparency, we have devised various agreements, documents and processes for our clients

The following policy is in place and our consultants, directors and managers must abide by it:
  • Disclose to MortgageBiz any remuneration with a value that exceeds $500 per transaction. This stipulation applies to remuneration made by a third party to the owner of the franchise, family members and staff.
  • Disclosure of payments that have a value of less than $500 is not necessary.
  • Items described in number 1 above that a consultant or staff member disclose to MortgageBiz appear below, and members of the public may view them. Others who must disclose such payments include members of the lender panel, as well as other third parties.
The various types of compensation that this policy covers are things like tickets to sporting events and conferences, entertainment, lodging, hardware for computers, marketing help, subsidies for office leasing, presents, and so on.