Finance Lease

If you're considering a finance lease to buy tools, vehicles, or equipment – think MortgageBiz and rest easy!

Why Finance lease?

Finance Leases for vehicles and equipment

Finance leases work by providing a cash flow-friendly way to use assets. Unlike with an operating lease, you also get the option to buy when the lease term ends. When you enter into a finance lease agreement, you specify or choose the plant, vehicle, or equipment you want to use; then, the financier buys the asset. You get the use of that asset for an agreed term in exchange for regular payments. Many Australian businesses choose this method to purchase assets because terms are flexible, and finance lease payments are always fixed.

Need a commercial finance lease? Stay MortgageBiz

MortgageBiz is the go-to commercial finance broker for thousands of Australian companies – and there are many reasons for that. We partner with the country’s top business financiers to offer a broad range of competitively priced commercial finance options – and we go out of our way to find the right solution for your business so that you don’t have to. At Savvy, our experts have established relationships with lenders that specialise in your sector. That enables us to offer practical, cost-effective, and relevant finance lease options.

Your business is better off with MortgageBiz, and here's why

Access lenders that know your sector, get help with applications, save time, save stress, and save money.
Expert finance lease brokers
Our brokers will find out about your business and aims, then talk to relevant financiers to find your 
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Broad range of finance options
At MortgageBiz, we deal with lenders who specialise in servicing your industry, so you benefit from more knowledgable cost-effective, competitive finance.
Fast, convenient applications
If you’re short on time, just tell us your requirements, and our experts 
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