How It Works is a lender that has taken the hassle out
of getting a loan by cutting through the
old-fashioned processes of traditional lenders
to put you in control.

Who is

MortgageBiz is a lender that is proudly Australian and based in the heart of Sydney, we have been successfully helping hundreds of Australians to fulfill their dreams.
We are Experienced
We have successfully helped thousands of Australian families to realize their dreams. 
Honest and Dependable
We listen to your needs and personal goals and genuinely want you to do well.
We Are Always Improving
We take your feedback seriously and improve our processes.
Backed by 60+ Top Australian Lenders
MortgageBiz helps you get loans from the top Australian finance providers.
100% Loan Approval Rate
We scrutinize our applicants' information upfront before submission and do a match with prospective lenders and find a perfect match.
We empower our clients
We empower our clients every step of the way from formulating the finance strategy and beyond settlement to monitoring your finance arrangements.

Are you safe?  is technically strong, well managed, and regulated by the Australian government.
Privacy Act
We are very careful to protect your confidentiality, and any information you give us is covered by the Privacy Act, which regulates how personal information is handled.
Fully trained staff
All of our staff are fully trained in their obligations under these laws and dedicated to ensuring that the product you select meets your requirements and objectives
SHA-256 with RSA Encryption
Our online application platform is secured with industry leading SHA-256 and RSA Encryption.
What Clients Say
All of our clients have vouched for our prioritisation of security and honesty. 

The MortgageBiz app advantage

MortgageBiz app is our innovative online portal that allows you to complete your home loan application entirely on your handheld device or computer from initial contact through to settlement and beyond. Using our application clients can fill their applications while being supervised by an expert agent of MortgageBiz. So that you can rest assured that your application will most likely be accepted for successful loan disbursement. 

How MortgageBiz Process works

1. Information Gathering & Preparation

The key to a smooth approval process is preparation - so it's important to
give some prior thought to your individual circumstances, such as:

  • Your Income & Expense.
  • How much you've saved for a deposit.
  • Loan features that appeal to you. e.g. flexibility, access.
  • Your current and future lifestyle requirements.
  • The information and documentation you are required to provide.
2. Conversation With A Home Loan Specialist

It's now time to discuss your home loan requirements and
objectives with a Home Loan Specialist

This step is an opportunity to discuss:

  • Your ability to comfortably make loan repayments - we'll consider a range of factors including income, expenses and liabilities, and any foreseeable changes to your financial circumstances.
  • The purpose of the loan.
  • Loan types, features, costs, and risks.
  • Your future needs.
  • The information and documentation you are required to provide.
3. Applications

This is where you, together with your Home Loan Specialist, complete, sign, and date the home loan application form and submit all necessary supporting documents for approval.

4. Approvals

Once we receive your application and all required documentation, we will verify the information provided (to ensure it meets our credit policy and requirements) and undertake a credit check if it's required. We will also confirm any conditions on the loan, and, if necessary, undertake a valuation on the property and conduct any title searches.

Your Home Loan Specialist will advise of any additional information required. When formally approved, you will receive a call from your MortgageBiz Home Loan Specialist.

5. Documentation

This is when the home loan contract is issued. We recommend that you check all your home loan documentation thoroughly, before signing, dating, and returning it to us. Check that everything is signed correctly.

6. Settlement

Once all our requirements are met, the loan funds will become available to you. You or your solicitor will need to make arrangements for any settlement with the lender. MortgageBiz will be assisting you all thru the process.

Need some help?

Our experts will help you search, choose and settle your home loan online. Chat to one of our Home Loan Specialists at a time that suits you.
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