Interest Only Home Loans

MortgageBiz has a range of flexible variable rate home loans to suit owner occupiers and investors.

Why choose interest only home loans?

With an interest only loan, just interest gets paid on the loan during the interest only period. That means the monthly payments are less than a standard loan. After the interest only period ends, typically between one and five years later, you have to make repayments on principal and interest for the rest of the loan's term. 

For example, if you take interest only home loan of $500,000 for 3 years on a 30-year loan term then for the first 3 years your repayments will be interest only. For the remaining period of 27 years, your repayment will be principal and interest. 

Pros and cons of an interest-only loan

On an interest-only home loan, your repayments only cover the interest on the amount borrowed. For a set period, you pay nothing off the amount borrowed, so it doesn't reduce.
  • Lower repayments during the interest-only period could help you save more or pay off other more expensive debts.
  • May be useful for short-term loans, such as bridging finance or construction loan. 
  • May be useful for short-term loans, such as If you're an investor, you could claim higher tax deductions from an investment property.
  • The interest rate could be higher than on a principal and interest loan. So you pay more over the life of the loan.
  • You pay nothing off the principal during the interest-only period, so the amount borrowed doesn't reduce.
  • Your repayments will increase after the interest-only period, which may not be affordable.
  • If your property doesn't increase in value during the interest-only period, you won't build up any equity. This can put you at risk if there's a market downturn, or your circumstances change and you want to sell.

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