Leasing calculator

Determine how much your lease will cost you in total interest throughout the duration.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Is the calculator a guarantee that the loan amount will be approved by a lender?
No, the calculator merely gives you an estimate of your borrowing capacity based on the information you submit. The final decision on how much you can borrow and at what rate rests with the bank or lender.
Is the leasing calculator accurate?
The calculator calculates the results based on the data you enter using sound mathematics. The outcome will be accurate as long as the information you provide is correct. The final result will only be an estimate if you just utilize approximations in the calculator.
Is it necessary for me to provide any personal information in order to use the calculator?
No, you are not required to enter personal information. You only need to enter the essential information like purchase price, interest rate, leasing term, residual, and payments made.
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