Lump sum repayment calculator

How much time and interest will you save if you pay off your house loan in lump sum? Use our lump sum repayment calculator to find out.
Frequently Asked Questions
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What impact will a lump sum payment have on your home loan?
A lump-sum payment, like extra repayments, can have a big impact on the length of your mortgage and the amount of money you can save. Making a lump-sum payment, especially early in the life of your loan, can have a significant impact on the total interest paid. This calculator will assist you in determining the impact of a lump-sum payment made at a specific point in the loan on the length of the loan and the total interest paid.
How do I use the lump sum repayment calculator?
After you've entered all of the required information into the calculator, you'll be able to view the results right away and determine whether paying a lump sum toward your mortgage will save you money. A lump-sum payment will usually go toward principal rather than interest, allowing you to pay off your loan faster than if you merely made regular installments.
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