Saving Calculator

Calculate how much money you'll save over a certain period of time.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Why would you want to use a savings account calculator?
Calculators remove the possibility of a human mistakes from your calculations, so you'll be more likely to get an exact figure when calculating how much you'll save over time. Add in the fact that calculators like the budget planner may help you think of items you may not have even realized you spend your money on each month, and you can see where you can cut costs.
How do I use Saving Calculator?
You can use the Savings Calculator to figure out how much money you'll save over a certain number of years. To use this calculator, provide the following information:
1. The initial amount you'll put into your account (it might be anything)
2. The amount you'll put aside every week, fortnight, or month
3. The interest rate you'll be able to earn
4. The length of time you'll put your money to work.
After that, you'll be told how much money you'll have in total at the end of the savings term, as well as a breakdown of how much of it is interest vs money you've invested.
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